Royal Bhutan Government “Endorses” the Bartholomew Collection


has stated in recent communications in 2009, that they support and recognize the importance and sole proprietary rights of the Bartholomew Collection of Sacred Bhutan Art.


The letters from May 2009 referred to the “very important art collection” held by the Bartholomew family. In recent conversations and communications with The Prime Minister Lyonchen Jigme Thinley, one of Mr. Bartholomew’s oldest friends in Bhutan, as well as the Foreign Minister Lyonpo Ugyen Tsering they stated through the Foreign Secretary that they hope that Mr. Bartholomew will “take the right decision in the best interest of this very important art collection."

In the past there have been questions about the proprietary rights and any restrictions in relation to the Bhutan Art Collection which was collected by Mr. Bartholomew, outside of Bhutan in India and Nepal during the 1970′s.

The Collection is now looking for benefactors and a final “Home of Honor” to initially reveal its 300 textiles plus artifacts, which have yet to be seen by anyone in its entirety.

For any inquiries please contact us directly.