GreenHeart Foundation – “ART to HEART” World Cause


Mr. Bartholomew, founder of the GreenHeart Foundation, is devoting himself to the GreenHeart’s Mission eliminating world hunger through the promotion of his “Art to Heart” campaign.


Due to the Bartholomew Collection’s rarity and great cultural significance, it is of the utmost importance that these extremely priceless and frail treasures be properly conserved, promoted and ultimately placed in a permanent “Home of Honor”. His desire is to increase public awareness of Bhutan’s unique textile art and Bhutan’s world image as an example of a nation promoting “Gross National Happiness” and the well being of all of its citizens.

What is “Art to Heart”?

For nearly 25 years, the Bartholomew Collection of Bhutanese textiles has been in storage. During this time, MarkO Bartholomew pursued cultural studies in the Yucatan and later in Laos, where he resided for fifteen years with his family of three young daughters.

Mr. Bartholomew now wishes to focus his efforts on his family and charitable activities. The time has come to transform these historical art objects into philanthropic activities, thus the project "Art to Heart".